Cheddar weekend and Trial (April 2022)


Cheddar Weekend and Trial returned in 2022 after a break of two years because of the Covid pandemic. The usual format for the event was slightly changed to allow some flexibility in case of increased Covid restrictions being imposed at short notice.

Instead of a set 2-day event with a sit-down evening meal on the Saturday evening, the first day (Saturday) was organised as a ‘normal’ Section run with sign-on on the day and only the Sunday event (the Trial proper) had to be pre-booked. There was no Saturday evening meal but a mid-run lunch was included for Saturday and an after-run lunch for Sunday.


Saturday 2nd April


Mutton Lane – a bit of history from the 1925 ISDT

Mutton Lane, Wedmore was part of the 1925 ISDT, run in England and Wales. It is often included in the Cheddar Trial (with some ‘observation’ and points awarded) and it was in this year’s event. 

It’s not very long but gets  quite  steep (around 25% / 1 in 4) at the top. Additionally the ‘trial section’ involves going the ‘wrong way’ around the grass island at the top (ie branch left, to make a right turn).

Back in 1925 it wasn’t tarmacked!

Further information on the 1925 ISDT:




Sunday 3rd April