2012 Cheddar Weekend

2012 Cheddar Weekend

14th and 15th of April was the 9th Cheddar Weekend incorporating the 47th Cheddar Road Trial. With the preceding weeks being so warm we were a bit concerned it was going to turn ugly on us, but although cool it was a fine weekend.

Saturday was the social run to Taunton where we had a splendid hot/cold buffet at the Winchester Arms, followed by a visit to the new Museum of Somerset next door.

This is a museum which is so well presented it is worthy of further investigation.

That evening there was a social gathering and buffet, attended by 58 folks, at the Cheddar Football Club, where we were again done proud for food.

Sunday was the Road Trial which took all but ten of the competitors out towards Shearwater and lunch at the Bath Arms Hornigsham. The ten were vintage and veteran machines which had a separate route that did not have steep ascents, except for Cheddar Gorge. During the ride there were points where riders were asked to perform fun off road tasks, like riding along a plank and under “limbo” poles, to decide the recipients of the awards. Sadly this was the last time Arthur Spain would be organising the Road Trial, so thanks Arthur for the last 12 years work. We now require a volunteer, any takers?

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