A Tale of the Knights of Somersetshire in the land of Cymru

A Tale of the Knights of Somersetshire in the land of Cymru

In the month of April the Knights of the order VMCC from the Shire of Somerset together with fellow Knights, and their Ladies, from other Shires did sally forth across the great causeway of the River Severn to the land known as Cymru, to sport and carouse for several days, for this land doth, for it’s emblem,  a dragon,  is the very twin thereof for the said Shire of Somerset. Thus this annual festivity is called Ye Twin Dragon Foray.
This merry band was led by one Sir David of Wells who is much conversant with the Highways and Byways of Cymru. This Knight rideth a beast called Bee-emm which draweth a wagon in sideways fashion; with his lady Suzanne therein, who with her Mappa Mundi doth give direction to her Knight. Thus is she known as a naggivator.

Another strange beast amongst the many steeds was one Mor-Gain by name, who’s power is matchless, and used by Sir Michael of Todwick and his lady Sylvia.
Also among this merry number was a famous knight, Sir Daniel of Lym, who rode his palfrey named Cub, from the Shire of Dorset in the company of Sir Stewart of Regis.
Upon arrival at the keep of the Royal Ship; in the town of Dolgellau; Sir Daniel did straightways set to fettleing his mount, as is his wont, after a days hard riding.

The day thereafter the knights did ride forth through villages with names almost unpronounceable, as, ABERLLEFENNI and LLANYMAWDDWY to view a lake called BALA and there take refreshment before retuning to the Dolgellau keep.
When most had assembled back at this keep twas found that Sir Daniel and Sir Stewart were missing, but then; amid much laughter they returned with Sir Daniels steed being drawn by Sir Stewart’s trusty mount called Beesa.

Now be it known that this is a mighty steed which doth poses much magic, for when called to action Sir Stewart kicketh it not; but by use of captured lightening the beast doth start it’s self.
Upon dismounting Sir Daniel quoth “ My steed’s heart doth lack motivation and I must forthwith investigate this same; ” Now Sir Daniel has travelled far and wide on this self same steed, even to lands across the seas, and thus doth know it well, and through magic hath oft returned it to life. And so with the aid of his magical kit Sir Daniel had the steeds heart opened and was amazed to find one ventricle would close not . Now the hour being late; further investigation and remedy were postponed until the morrow. T/W 2014 Dan's Cub
On rising early the gathered knights found Sir Daniel already at work with a view to consulting a local steed-smith. Therefore the assembled knights and their lady’s, having broken their fast did bid farewell to Sir Daniel and Sir Stewart, and mounting up, highed them, via such places as BWLCH-Y-SARNAU and CWRT-Y-CADNO, to the keep of the Plough at RHOSMAEN.


The day being fine and the land through which they rode pleasing to the eye; all did arrive at this keep in fine spirit, and gathering in the quadrangle did start to enquire upon Sir Daniel and Sir Stewart. And thus it was that during this enquiry the sound of Sir Daniels steed was heard approaching and amidst cries of welcome and much clapping Sir Daniel and Sir Stewart entered and dismounted.
Immediately Sir Stewart sayeth unto Sir Daniel “ Sir prepare thy magical kit for one of the sinews of my steed needeth attention as it doth not clutch at power well.” Within a moment the magical kit was laid out and whilst Sir Stewart did minister to the damaged sinew, Sir Daniel did remove that part of his steed through which it doth gather breath and found therein a small insect which had upseteth the steed’s breathing.

Thus through the good offices of these worthies, and much advice from the gathered knights, were both steeds returned to health and ready for the return.

Yet the path of a True Knight is not always smooth, for upon the journey back to his Shire; Sir Daniels Steed did throw a shoe. Yet this travail worried not this Great Knight, and so he returned to his own keep; with great joy.



Given this day under my seal. Sir Black Shadow of St Cuthbert Without.

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