Christmas Run & Lunch 2016

Christmas Run & Lunch 2016

Sunday 11th December was the day for the sections Christmas Run and Lunch

After some pretty iffy weather leading up to the weekend, the 18 riders had a pretty good day, with sunshine at the start and finish in Cossington, but some fog out on the “Levels” As they are all roughty toughtys they coped.

It was a toss up as to the most popular make of machine, and ended up as a tie between Norton and Honda, with four of each.

It was a pleasure to welcomed a new member to the section, Mark Peel on his nice 1972 BMW. He soon discovered we don’t bite, well not very hard. Good to see you Mark.

Our Lady chairman, Ruth Pope, has for the past 20 years been organising the Christmas lunch, together with various ladies, as available, to prepare and serve it.

Ruth decided that she would like to give this up, and, with the the ladies, join the rest of us for the meal and festivities.

It was agreed that this occasion should not go unmarked. So it was thought appropriate the section should award, jointly, to Ruth and all the ladies, the Freda Sparks Cup for services to the section. Each lady receiving a Commemorative Glass. The club’s National President, Rodney Hann was on hand to present the awards.

Thanks again Ruth and ladies.

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