An unusual event

An unusual event

An unusual event for us took place on Sunday 7th March when we; as a club, took part in Radio Bristol/Somerset’s program “Clueless” described as the clue-solving treasure hunt that challenges your local knowledge and puts you in the driving seat. The format is that cryptic clues for various locations are broadcast and listeners phone in with suggestions as to where the locations are. These places are of interest; or where there is some sort of event taking place. Two radio vans, competing with each other, are then driven to the various locations, and the folks there are interviewed.

The section had been asked to take a selection of machines to Edington village hall, so we turned up at 10.00am with a dozen bikes ranging from 1914 to 1985.

Just before 11.00 am the van drew in and set up and James got down to interviewing some of those gathered.

The first to be interviewed was our Chairlady Ruth and husband Bryan, who explained who we were and what we were about. There was a certain amount of joking going on and as can be seen from the photo

I think Bryan, as a result, wet himself laughing, never the less I believe we managed to give a good impression of the section and the club in general. The location was signed off with the throaty note of Tony Pashley’s Guzzi being revved for the benefit of the listeners.

Pete outlines our events

                                                                                                                Colin explains his 1914 Triumph

                                                              Phil reads the next clue  for the listeners

Despite the odd shower it turned out be a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.

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