Autumn Leaves Run October 2021

Autumn Leaves Run October 2021

Venue: New Manor Farm Shop, Bishops Sutton (Sunday 17th)

A dry start and forecast, and with the weather still warm for October a possible jeans ‘n jacket day!

New Manor Farm has plenty  of room in the car park – and in the cafe, although today the good weather brought out the pedal-cyclists as well as the motor-cyclists and there was a bit of a queue for the pre-run refreshments.

By departure time there was a very good turn-out for the run (slightly more than the management had anticipated and late-comers had to share out route-sheets!) Twenty-eight signed on and several more turned up to spectate and socialise,

The run itself took us out round the lakes, then a wide loop west towards Redhill, crossing back and up over the Mendips, down to Compton Martin again and back to the Farm Shop for post-run ‘inquests’ (and further refreshments…). A good mix of roads and lanes with some grand views from the higher ground.

All who started finished – many thanks to Colin for organising an excellent 38-mile jaunt. 


Autumn Leaves 2021- gathering(1): Honda, Norton, Ariel, Honda, BSA, Triumph, Douglas

Autumn Leaves 2021- gathering(2): BMW, Vincent, Matchless, Norton, BSA, Ariel.











Autumn Leaves 2021 – a rather nice 3 1/2 Morini can make a grown man cry!

Oldest bike – Dave’s ’30 Triumph (something is a-foot – get a grip, there!)

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