38th Twin Dragon Run (April 2022)

38th Twin Dragon Run (April 2022)

Saturday  9th – Tuesday 12th 

Saturday: 33 Riders (including 19 from Somerset Section and 6 from Dorset Section) on 26 bikes (one sidecar, one trike, the remainder solo) ranging in age from 1938 to 1991 set out through Bristol over the older Severn Bridge via Abergavenny and the Elan Lakes to the Marine Hotel, Aberystwyth.

Sunday: a visit to the Internal Fire Museum of Power, near Cardigan. (Early engines, steam, diesel, gas turbine, 30 plus motor cycles, early telecommunication electricals – well worth the visit)(website: https://www.internalfire.com/) Back to the Marine Hotel.

Monday: through the Cambrian hills via Llyn Briane, Llandovery and past the gold mine to The Plough at Rhosmaen (near Llandeilo) for the last  overnight stop. So far three days of good motor-cycling roads and very clear weather…

Tuesday: dawned very wet(!!) The first part of the return route ( two crossings of the Black Mountain) was abandoned and a direct route to Brecon taken. By Abergavenny thankfully now on dry roads, then Monmouth and through the Forest to Tintern for lunch, then again the Severn Bridge and Cadbury Garden Centre to finish.

Most made straight home from the Severn Bridge – 437 miles from leaving on Saturday for those who finished at the Garden Centre.

The back-up was called into action on Saturday. One solo rider came off, suffering a cut nose and (discovered later) a minor wrist fracture. Bike slightly bent, pillion OK. Taken to hospital in Brecon and then on to the Marine Hotel. Finally taken via RAC (VMCC membership) to home. (The RAC did NOT excel themselves on this occasion…)

On Sunday one Honda stopped with electrical problems (off route, using sat nav instead of the route sheet and went north instead of south!). Sorted and transported home by RAC (personal membership) on Monday.

(Many thanks to Dave Boon for setting up a grand Twin Dragon – his last as organiser – and for providing the notes for the Report.

Also thanks to Phil for some photos!)


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