Girder Fork and Rigid Frame Run (June 2022)

Girder Fork and Rigid Frame Run (June 2022)

After having to be up at the crack of dawn (-ish !) for the Breakfast Run, a comparative lie-in could be had for the start of the Girder Fork Run with an ‘off’ at 11am from Sweets Tea Rooms, out on the Levels at Westhay. And the ‘sunshine credits’ still seemed to have a way to go!

However, anyone expecting a quiet start (as was yours truly) was due a ‘correction’; Sweets was ‘rammed’, with a big cycling event having attracted entrants from far and wide. Even the overflow parking was well-populated and there certainly wasn’t enough space for a proper line-up of two-wheelers of the ‘powered’ kind.

Signing-on (and coffee!) facilities were functioning properly though, and suitably primed motorcycle riders fired up for a route up Mudgely Hill to Wedmore, onto the B3139 to pass eastwards around Wells, out through Horringtons country and onwards (with some fine views down across the Levels – Glastonbury Tor in the distance for the sharp-eyed) to dog-leg across the A37 onto the Fosse Way (more fine views) before turning back through Chilcompton and now returning (the 3139 again) south-west down into Wells (absolutely grand views!).

Through Wells, still following the 3139 back towards Wedmore but now assigned some ‘back lanes’ with a turning south to the Levels – through pretty Fenny Castle and onto the Droves across the Moors back to Westhay.

The later stages of the run were marred when Steve (on the P&M combo, rehearsing for the Banbury run) had a nasty encounter with a car that tried to drive over him when coming back along the 3139. That sent him off for a stay in hospital – thankfully relatively short although initially painful. From last reports Steve is back home and in good spirits, but will need some time for broken bones to heal.

Thanks to Chips for organising a fine, varied 40-miler (I don’t think anyone got lost despite the efforts of the saboteurs who moved a traffic island, altered the mileages on one signpost and ‘reversed’ the finger-board on another!). And for putting up with the non-girdered gatecrashers!

Also many thanks to Ruth and Brian for stepping up to provide recovery (and stabling) services with the new van and a big mention for the crew who weighed-in to travel back to the scene of the accident and help load up one very sad old outfit.



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